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Covid Gift Voucher Policy

Extension of Gift Vouchers affected by Covid Salon Closures

Due to the enforced Coronavirus lockdowns, Lagoon Wimbledon was closed between the following dates:

112 days from 23/03/20 to 12/07/20 (the salon reopened on the 13/07/20).

27 days from 05/11/21 to 01/12/20 (the salon reopened on the 02/12/20).

113 days from 20/12/20 to 11/04/21 (the salon reopened on the 12/04/21).


We appreciate that some of our customers had gift vouchers which were affected and days when your gift voucher was valid for use were lost due to Lagoon being shut.

To overcome this issue, Lagoon automatically extended the expiry date on all gift vouchers affected by the Covid salon closure. Gift voucher expiry dates were extended by the same number of days that the gift voucher holder lost due to the salon being closed (i.e. if you lost 100 days from the gift voucher valid period, then 100 days were added from the date the salon reopened).

Please note, the extended validity period of all Lagoon gift vouchers affected by Covid salon closures has now passed.

Lagoon, Wimbledon
Date: Last updated 02/11/22 


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