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Your eyes attract the most attention and are an important part of your face. Make your eyes exotic at Lagoon Spa with an eyeline treatment.

Lagoon Spa offers different types of eyeline treatments to give you a younger and youthful look. You can experience eyelash enhancer dots, super thick eyeliner and eye accents. These eye treatments are an add-on to your beauty regime. Try them and see how they make your eyes brighter, more striking, and wider. This can really help you take years off your age and make you look younger.

Eyeline treatments rejuvenate the eye area where you need makeup to highlight your eyes. After taking Lagoon Spa’s eye treatment, you can enjoy smudge-free or stunning eyes whether you go to the office, a party or the gym.

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    Eyeline Prices

    Eyelash enhancer dots (upper or lower lid)


    Eyelash enhancer dots (both lids)


    Fine eyeliner (upper or lower lid)


    Fine eyeliner (both lids)


    A little bit more eyeliner (upper or lower lid)


    A little bit more eyeliner (both lids)


    Super thick eyeliner (upper lid)


    Eye accents (upper or lower lid)


    Eye accents (both lids)


    Refresh 12 months (upper or lower lid)

    £120 - £170

    Refresh 12 months (both lids)

    £200 - £250

    Refresh 18 months (upper or lower lid)

    £150 - £200

    Refresh 18 months (both lids)

    £250 - £300

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