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If you want to make your lips vibrant and fuller then visit Lagoon Spa. You can try lip contour definer, lip lining, lip shading and lip full tint services.

Our professional lip contour definer service will shape, brighten and make your lips attractive. This procedure is followed to give your lips perfect shape and make them fresher or youthful every time.

Next, lip lining will give your lips a fuller look and also shape your mouth. Lip shading gives you shaded-in-color soft lips that are fuller and protects you from uneven pigmentation and scars. Lip tinting can give your dry lips a perfect gloss shape as you can go without wearing lipstick. These lip treatments can last up to 18 months but you can always refresh them at any time.

Lagoon Spa’s beauty professional will offer you custom lip treatments. Our price starts from £150 – £500. You will enjoy the experience our beauty services that are painless and soothing.

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    Lips Prices

    Lip Contour Definer


    Lip Contour Definer and Line Shading


    Lip Contour Definer and Full Lip Tint


    Refresh Up To 12 Months

    £150 - £250

    Refresh Up To 18 Months

    £200 - £300

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