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Eyelash Extensions

Lagoon beauty salon specialises in semi-permanent eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping and eyebrow tinting.

Our company ethos focuses on offering excellent value for money, by providing a quality professional service within a relaxed spa environment. Conveniently located on Alexandra Road in Wimbledon SW19, Lagoon is just a two minute walk from Wimbledon train station.

Lagoon offers a fabulous price on a full set and half set of eyelash extensions. To arrange an appointment for eyelash extensions please call Lagoon on 020 8947 2332.

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About Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions provide thickness and length to natural eyelashes, thus enhance the charm and appeal of your eyes. Our eyelash extensions are professionally applied by one of Lagoon’s qualified beauty therapists to ensure the synthetic eyelash extensions are blended evenly with your natural eyelashes to give them appearance of being naturally thicker and longer.

  • Our eyelashes are very light and comfortable on the eyes. When applied professionally they do not damage the natural eyelash, which can be the case with traditional self-applied false eyelashes.
  • Eyelash extensions naturally darken your lashes as they are fuller and therefore more visible.
  • To maintain the fullness of the eyelash extensions, we recommend that they are retouched with eyelash infills every two weeks.
  • To ensure a quality finish, eyelash extensions are for professional application only. The application procedure is comfortable and not painful.
  • Lagoon’s eyelash extensions can be removed at any time by a professional.
  • Semi permanent eyelash extensions look and feel so natural, they can be worn everyday, as well as for special occasions.

Eyelash Shapes

Lash extensions are made from synthetic material and available in various thicknesses, lengths and curvatures to suit different clients’ requirements. J Curl and B Curl lashes are our most popular style of lash and is used in most treatments. The dramatic effect of the eyelash extension can be tailored to the customer’s requirements by careful selection of the eyelash length and thickness used. The overall effect can range from the very subtle, so your extensions look like natural eyelashes to the dramatic, for those who require an eye-catching look. The eyelash lengths used vary from 8mm to 14mm.

Suggested eyelash selection according to the client’s eye shape:

Round Eye

These eyes need to have a medium length lash on the mid section graduating to longer on the outer and shorter on the inner eye.

Almond Shape Eye

In general this eye shape can take the same length throughout, dropping down to slightly shorter at the inner corner. The choice to put slightly longer on the outer eye is optional.

Deep Set Eyes

This eye shape allows you to use a slightly longer lash than you would normally use. This is because the eyes are set deeper and so the extra length is needed to make the lashes more noticeable.

  • Eyelash Extensions FAQ

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