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Classic Polish Manicure

Lagoon Wimbledon is a specialist nail salon dedicated to providing quality manicure treatments.

Manicures are all about making your hands and fingernails look stylish. After all, your hands are the first thing people see when you shake theirs and are one of most exposed parts of you in many social situations. So, your fingernails need to be well-groomed and always looking their best!

At Lagoon Wimbledon our range of classic polish manicures consist of filling and shaping your nails, cuticle work and applying nail polish. The main purpose of a classic polish manicure is to maintain the overall health of your fingernails. Having a manicure at Lagoon Wimbledon leaves your nails looking beautiful. Additional pampering treatments, such as the deep conditioning paraffin wax and hand massage are included within our luxury spa manicure service, to soften the skin and leave your hands feeling revitalised.

Lagoon Wimbledon nail salon uses the classic and internationally renowned OPI nail polish range, OPI Lacquer and has over 150 colour choices available in the salon.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose from our range classic polish manicures and give a small treat to yourself. After all, everyone’s hands need a break after a long day’s work.

    Classic Polish Manicure Prices

    Essential Manicure


    Lagoon’s essential manicure is the ideal grooming manicure for ladies on the go. The treatment includes reshaping of your nails, cuticle work, hand moisturiser and an OPI polish of your choice.

    Spa Manicure


    For those wanting to be pampered and with little more time on their hands…the Spa Manicure provides beautiful, well-cared for nails. The service includes a file and shape, cuticle work, spa scrub skin exfoliation, a short relaxing hand massage, hand moisturiser and an OPI nail polish of your choice.

    Luxury Spa Manicure


    Pure indulgence for the hands, this treatment will leave you with beautiful nails and soft, smooth hands. The Luxury Spa Manicure starts with a nail file and shape, followed by cuticle work. A spa scrub skin will remove dead skin cells, before you relax with a tension-melting hand and lower arm massage. A deep conditioning paraffin wax treatment with heated mitts softens and revitalises your hands, and the manicure is finished with an OPI polish of your choice.

    Gel Polish Removal

    Add £10

    For professional salon removal of existing Gel Polish from your fingernails, add £10 to the price of your classic polish manicure. NB: £15 is charged for Gel Polish removal as a separate treatment.

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