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Gel Nail Extensions

Gel Extensions

If you want an instant increase in the length of your nails or find it hard to grow your own nails then gel nail extensions are ideal. Gel nail extensions provide a thin, natural looking nail extension, which are hard to tell from the real thing.

A nail extension piece is shaped and attached to your natural nail to extend the nail length. High quality liquid gel is then applied to the nail, dried (cured) under a LED lamp and sculpted to provide a natural looking finished nail.

Lagoon Wimbledon offers both neutral coloured tips for natural looking nail extensions and white tips for those wanting a French Polish finish.

Gel Overlays

Gel Overlays are ideal for protecting your natural nails and helping them to grow to their perfect length. Clear gel is applied directly onto the natural nails, cured under a LED lamp and shaped by the nail technician. The finished gel helps shield your nails and allows them to grow. The treatment is ideal for those with nails that flake, split or break, as it strengthens and helps protect the natural nail underneath.

Gel overlays are clear in appearance, leaving you with natural looking nails. For those wishing to have their nails finished with a colour polish or French manicure, Lagoon Wimbledon specialises in CND Shellac and OPI nail polishes; stocking a selection of colours that can be applied straight on top of the gel overlay.

Please note, gel overlays do not extend the length of your nails, if additional length is required gel nail extensions are available at Lagoon.

Gel Infills

As your natural nails grow, a gap will appear between the gel nail and the cuticle area at the base of your nail. How noticeable the gap is will depend upon how fast your nails grow and the colour nail polish you are wearing (it will be more noticeable if you are wearing a darker colour).

On average gel nail extensions or gel overlays on your fingers last for about two to three weeks before you should return to the salon for a gel infill. The nail technician will carefully prepare the surface of the gel nail and fill the growth gap with liquid gel, this is cured under a LED lamp and the surface sculpted to the required shape.


    Gel Nail Extensions Prices

    Full Set of Gel Nail Extensions*


    Infills (after 2-3 weeks)


    Infills (over 3 weeks)




    *Add £2 extra for classic nail polish on top of nail extensions OR
    *Add £12 extra for gel polish on top of nail extensions

    Removal Only


    Removal and Essential Manicure


    Removal and Spa Manicure


    Removal and Luxury Spa Manicure


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