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Gentlemen’s Waxing

Have you had problems trimming around your ears, chest, back and eyebrows?

Lagoon Spa can give you the smooth wax feel and revitalise your skin effortlessly.

At Lagoon Spa, you will feel like heaven as we deliver the best Gentlemen’s Waxing Services around.

With our waxing service, you will get a smooth and painless waxing experience on your chest, back, stomach or eyebrows.

Lagoon Spa offers you a clean-cut look that can give you the confidence to be your true self. Our men’s wax process starts with identification of your skin type. We then cleanse the area and make your skin soft to give a painless and smooth experience. Only Lagoon Spa can give you the confidence of flaunting your skin with no hair out of place.

So, if you are looking for a one-stop solution for your painless men’s waxing, visit Lagoon Spa, and make your skin clean and non-hairy.

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