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Body Massage

Body massage is used for relieving stress-related problems. It includes deep circulation of massage by pressing down on your muscles. Experience a soothing massage from Lagoon and feel relaxed. Our beauty experts can give you a wide range of massage therapies to provide relaxation to your body.

At Lagoon Wimbledon, you will experience quality massage delivered by fully trained professionals. We will relieve the areas of tension with a deep massage to your back, neck and shoulders. Then relax your mind with some of our other techniques. Lagoon’s body massage lasts for 60 minutes. Our beauty experts use essential oils onto your body to naturally treat, heal and revitalise your soul.

Lagoon offers an extensive range of beauty services in Wimbledon. So, for making your body relax, try our body massage today!

    Body Massage Prices

    Full Body Massage (60 minutes)


    The therapist will use their hands to manipulate the soft tissues of the body, particularly the muscles. It can be used for relaxation or stimulation, depending on your individual needs.

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