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Classic Polish Pedicure

Lagoon Wimbledon’s classic polish pedicure includes nails and cuticle care with a moisturising warm lotion massage. Your nails will be buffed or polished to perfection. Our beauty experts will give you the ultimate pedicure that will melt your stress away.

You can try our essential pedicure, maintenance pedicure, spa pedicure with callus treatment and luxury spa pedicure. We will shape your nails beautifully, peel off dry skin from your feet, relax your feet and apply your favourite OPI nail paint.

Give Lagoon Wimbledon a chance to pamper your hands and feet. You can also experience a marine sea scrub exfoliation that refreshes your skin combined with a tension-melting foot and lower leg massage, leaving you feeling totally relaxed. Our classic polish pedicure is very affordable and ranges from £30 to £70.

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    Classic Polish Pedicure Prices

    Essential Pedicure


    Cuticle work, file, shape and OPI polish of your choice, will leave your nails looking professionally finished and fabulous.

    Maintenance Pedicure


    The maintenance pedicure service includes a foot soak and foot file to remove the dry, hard skin from the soles of your feet, followed by cuticle work, file and shape to tidy your toes. The application of an OPI nail polish colour of your choice completes the treatment.

    Spa Pedicure + Foot File


    For those wanting to be pampered and with little more time on their hands...the Spa Pedicure + Foot File provides beautiful, well cared for feet. The service includes a nail file and shape, cuticle work, a foot soak & file to remove dry skin from the soles of your feet, a spa scrub exfoliation for your feet & lower legs, a short relaxing foot massage and the OPI nail polish of your choice. NB: The Spa Pedicure is available without the foot file for dry skin removal for £40.

    Spa Pedicure + Callus Treatment


    A popular pedicure combination that delivers all the pampering elements of the Spa Pedicure with the additional intensive Callus Treatment, which is designed to help peel off dry, callused skin and promote smoother heels.

    Luxury Spa Pedicure


    Lagoon’s ultimate full service pampering pedicure for soft, great looking feet that feel wonderful. The Luxury Spa Pedicure begins with a foot soak and foot file to soften areas of dry skin from the soles, followed by a cuticle work, nail file and shape. A spa scrub exfoliation refreshes your skin and a tension-melting foot and lower leg massage leaves you feeling relaxed. Finally a paraffin wax treatment softens and helps revitalise your feet, before your nails are painted with an OPI polish of your choice.

    Gel Polish Removal

    Add £10

    For professional salon removal of existing Gel Polish from your toenails, add £10 to the price of your classic polish pedicure. NB: £15 is charged for Gel Polish removal as a separate treatment.

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