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Taking care of skin is the single most important thing that everyone must do. In this, facials have an important role and will help give you a youthful appearance.

So, why not make your skin beautiful and youthful at Lagoon Spa. Our beauty experts will give you a custom facial to suit your skin type or your different needs.

Try classic, microdermabrasion, BB glow and gold therapy facials at Lagoon Spa. You can take a classic facial to make your skin radiant and help it fight against ageing. Microdermabrasion facial is a non-surgical procedure for giving you even skin texture, opening your clogged pores, making your skin radiant and nourishing your dry skin. BB glow facial can make your skin radiant, beautiful and hydrated by removing dust, oil, dead skin cells and fine lines. Lagoon Spa offers facials that last from 60-75 minutes and the price ranges from £25 – £85.

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