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Foot & Lower Leg Massage

Foot and lower leg massage helps to relieve stress, anxiety and swollen legs. Our beauty experts will offer you a soothing massage and give you a deep relaxation for balancing your entire body.

If you try Lagoon’s foot and lower leg massage it will bring you peace of mind with increased energy. Often this causes a deep sleep after our massage session and makes you feel completely relaxed. Just wear loose clothes and leave everything else up to us. We have all the techniques to provide you with an ideal massage, either manually or with the help of massage tools. Afterwards you will feel light and relaxed throughout your body.

Give yourself and your loved ones foot and lower leg massage today from Lagoon.

    Foot & Lower Leg Massage Prices

    Foot & Lower Leg Massage (40 minutes)


    Working the pressure points of the feet and lower leg to melt away the stress that accumulates in the muscles from daily use.

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