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Before waxing advice

Before Waxing Advice: (24 hours before the waxing treatment)

 – Make sure the hair to be waxed is at least a quarter of an inch long so the wax can grip it. But make sure it’s not too long – waxing long hair is more uncomfortable and can lead to breakage instead of complete removal.
 – Avoid caffeine, nicotine and sugar for at least two hours prior to treatment as these can increase your sensitivity to waxing.
 – If you have time prior to your appointment, please have a warm shower to open the skin pores up a little. Do not have a very hot bath or shower before or after the treatment, as too much heat on sensitive areas can lead to soreness.
 – Do not use self-tanning lotions or moisturising creams on the day of your appointment as they form an oily barrier which inhibits the grip of the wax, and more tries with the wax strips will be required.

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